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The reason for setting up this site came about because even though I have a large personal library of hammer related information there does not appear to be any site where coaches can refer to easily enhance their knowledge and understanding. I have found that a great deal of the information that would be useful that has been written by academics and researchers for other academic and research purposes only. From personal experience over many many years I am aware how hard it is to talk to the throwers and coaches in the type of language that the academics and researchers use. With respect many live in a different world with a completely alien language to us mere mortals.

Many years ago, at a ‘Hammer Circle Reunion’, it was suggested that a common understanding of hammer throwing language was not only required but vital for the development of the sport. Just discussing the enormity of the task over that weekend led me to undertake the development of this web site.

Over years of talking and corresponding with coaches and academics I have found it best to limit myself to just 3 – 4 questions in 1.5 hrs of discussion to find common ground and understanding. There is a need for coaches to understand what the academics are producing. They also have help themselves by understanding the basic mathematical and biomechanical principles involved. I hope the papers and articles on this web site will assist towards that goal.



General articles about hammer throwing.


Articles about the history of hammer throwing.


Articles relating to training athletes for the event. Includes sections for both Males and Females.

Handles & Cages

Equipment-related articles.

Young Athletes

Articles specifically aimed at the young athlete.


Articles about periodisation.