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- added 18 Mar, 2014
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Modern History, Swings and Entry Position


The information contained in this article offers the reader a sixty (60) year retrospective on the origins of technical research and advancements in the field of competitive hammer throwing. Moreover, the information provided represents an unprecedented collection of applied research on this subject matter which is inclusive of the authors unique approach and personal research, applied training practices and coaching experiences which have occurred during nearly thirty five (35) of the 60 years represented. Detailed best practice and technical information is provided in the form of comparisons and contrasts of what is known from the worlds most respected researchers in the field of hammer throwing and in particular the relation of hammer throw research to “what works” from the point of view of worldwide competitive results gleaned over the past 60 years.

Detailed herein are accounts, illustrations, and graphically organized tables and charts that refer to and summarize both historical and contemporary best practices and recommendations from leading authorities which support the authors specific conclusions about the importance and impact of hammer swings on the entry phase, and ultimately the overall throw. Interwoven throughout the literature siting’s are recommended procedures and the resulting biomechanical advantages for the hammer thrower as well as the authors personal viewpoints and critical analysis, all of which are based upon his actual training sessions and communications with many of the top 10 elite hammer throwers and coaches on record.

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